About Us

We want to support everyone to be the change they wish to see in the world. We understand that this is not about grand gestures, it's about helping individuals. Through a constant drive to enrich and develop our people, we can create a group of schools capable of achieving this goal. We will remember this in everything we do, everything we say, every action we take, everything we promote. By keeping this focus, we aim to be an influential contributor to the world of education and an example to others.

Our Vision

Enabling everyone within the Trust to harness their own power and potential.

Our Aims

To create amazing learning opportunities for children and for generations to come. To play our part in helping all pupils to contribute to making the world a better place.

Our Values

As a trust we will:

Our Context

The Mast Academy Trust was established in December 2016 to build upon strong, existing partnerships around the pupils and families in our locality through Academy status. The Trust currently comprises of four good and outstanding schools across the 4-13 years age range. We are a collaborative Trust, with all leaders supporting the development of Mast within the context of an Executive Leadership Team. Working strategically together, within our Pyramid of schools and with other services, we aim to transform provision and outcomes for pupils and their families.

Alongside its improvement work in its current member academies, the Trust plans to work actively with other schools and the Regional Schools Commissioner (RSC) to grow its family of academies once established. This will facilitate enhanced system-led improvements, opportunities for collaboration between leaders and staff within the organisation and better economies of scale as required in the challenging educational climate.

Over time, Mast will provide an opportunity for schools to convert to academy status. So, how is Mast different? We encourage schools to join us over time if they wish to: